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  • interdisciplinary physiotherapeutic jpint practice
  • holistic treatment in all areas of physiotherapy
  • Both performance and hobby sportsmen, as well as neurologic, orthopaedic and trauma patients are treated

Florian Gündel Physioteam


  • establishment of EMG-, video- and 3D movement analyses (MyoMotion), as well as measurements of foot pressure distribution (MyoPressure) within the  physiotherapeutic daily routine
  • integration of electromyography within the design of individual self-exercises in therapy
  • biofeedback training with EMG and MyoMotion to relieve specific deficits and to develop an improved body perception
  • integrated patients’ portal at the webpage with an individual account to access the analyses, self-exercises, etc. created during the therapy
  • supporting the performance optimization within high-performance sport (e.g. dancing, handball, cycling) with the help of pre-season screenings with the NORAXON Systems
Bewegungslabor Physioteam Florian Gündel

During the EMG analysis the muscle activity if measured by the sensory, hence imbalances can be determinded. The respective muscles can be trained goal-orientedly via biofeedback training.

Running analysis helps to differentially reflect the gait and running picture to determine strengths and weeknesses as well as malpositions and injury mechanisms

3D measurement procedure portrays the joints as well as joint movements of the whole body visually. The results of the analysis build the foundation for therapy and can be used as biofeedback.

Isokinetics in therapy identify the functional state of the muscles. Within training isokinetics support the optimal exposure while preserving the joints the greatest possible.

MyoPressure provides information about the pressure distribution while walking and running.

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