Movement and Foot Centre Bonn

  • orthopaedic/surgical patients
  • injuries and disorders of the movement apparatus
  • foot surgery
  • knee and back orthopaedic
  • accident surgery

Movement and Foot Centre Bonn


  • Implementation of gait, posture and functional analyses with EMG3D motion analysisforce analysis and pressure distribution
  • Integration of various hardware components into one overall test and evaluation protocol
  • Embedding and combination of third-party systems like isokinetics and EMG in Noraxon MR3
  • Sensor-based training control in combination with Noraxon and AlterG jointly with additional training devices
  • Time saving of 30 minutes on average per patient comparing to previous conventional measurements
  • Break-even of Noraxon components within 4 monaths (8 patients per week)
Patient mit EMG- und Inertialsensoren an den Beinen

Movement and Foot Centre Bonn


  • conservative-orthopaedic therapy
  • stationary and outpatient operations
  • foot pressure measurement
  • gait analyses
  • functional analyses
  • isokinetic force diagnostics with EMG
  • EMG biofeedback training
  • weight relieved-training with sensor control
  • medical back therapy
  • neuromuscular training with the Huber 360
  • 4D spine measurement


3D movement analysis


2D Video Analysis

Pressure Measurement




Running and Gait Analysis