Athletikum Rhein Ruhr - Duisburg

    • Orthopaedic/surgical patients
      • injuries and disorders of the movement apparatus
      • arthroscopic joint surgery
      • sports medicine
      • sports traumatology
      • conservative backache therapy
      • sports osteopathy
      • accident surgery
    • high performance and professional sportsmen
      • Return to Sport, Return to Competition assessments
      • perfomance diagnostics
      • complex biomechanical diagnostics
      • sports capability measurement
    • clubs and federations
      • support and supervision of clubs (performance diagnostics, team physician activities)

Laboratory 'Athletikum Rhein Ruhr'


  • recognized investigative body of the state sport federation North-Rhine Westphalia (NRW)
  • club cooperations: MSV Duisburg, KFC Bayer Uerdingen, OSC Wölfe Rheinhausen
  • partner of the sports promotion college NRW
  • conceptualizing of the guideline of the employers’ liability insurance association for rehabilitation „backache“
  • research project: „Return to Competition“ after cruciate ligament injury
  • research project: „Return to Competition“ after ankle imjury
  • research project: “Leitmarkt NRW Projekt Life Science”: preservation of cognitive & sensomotoric functions with MCI
  • research project: post-operative analgesia and pain chronicity after implantation of total knee endoprotheses with posttraumatic gonarthrosis
  • research project: follow-up treatment with and without orthesis after anterior cruciate ligament replacement
Sportler mit EMG Sensoren beim Ausfallschritt und Therapeut
Labor BG Duisburg

Laboratory 'Athletikum Rhein Ruhr'


  • conservative orthopaedic therapies
  • gait analyses
  • functional analyses, sports specific test batteries
  • isokinetics force diagnostics with EMG
  • EMG biofeedback training
  • stationary conservative back rehabilitation
  • neuromuscular athletic-training training


3D Movement Analysis


2D Video Analysis

Force Measurement (Walkway)