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Velamed Biomechanical Measurement Systems

Velamed product range is composed of various biomechanical measurement systems of leading manufacturers. High-tech and best quality satisfy medical and technical demands. Our competent experts take care of the configuration of the individual components as well as to align them properly to the conditions and requirements of the user.

The visual 3D tracking technology of the company Qualisys AB is based on infrared cameras. This makes it possible to determine the position of fast-moving objects with high accuracy. No matter if indoor, outdoor, midair or underwater, we offer a solution for each and every measurement environment as well as application.

Through the EMG muscular activation potentials can be measured while contracting . The high-quality and patented Noraxon measurement amplifier works with freely selectable surface and Fine-Wire elektrodes. Both portable as well as stationary systeme with wireless direct transmission or offline datalogging are offered.

Inertial sensor systems make it possible to measure joint angles in 3D the easiest way possible. It can incorporate up to 16 small and completely wireless radio sensors that are applied on the measured body segment. IMUs are transportable and are perfectly suited for field-studies and practical applications.

Noraxon’s high-speed colour camera allow for 2D video analyses of up to 250Hz measurement frequency. A wide range of evaluation functions are available like angle and distancee measurements or auto-marker tracking. Combinable with EMG, IMU and pressure distribution.

Noraxons Portable Lab geöffnet

Portable Lab

The Portable Lab combines EMG (up to 8 sensors), IMU (up to 16 sensors) and 2D video (2 cameras) in one compact, portable measurement case. Hence, it is perfectly suited for the application in mobile field-testings or as portable all-in-one laboratory solution.

Noraxon Multi-Device Software

The measurement and analysis software MyoResearch3 allows you to combine and synchronize recording of EMG, IMU, 2D Video, force measurement and pressure distribution.

The highly accurate 1D and 3D force plates measure the ground reaction force during gait, running or jumping. Additionally, the distribution of the centre of gravity is quantifiable. Both portable and stationary measurement plates of various sizes are offered.

Pressure plates measure the pressure distribution of the foot while gait, running and jumping activities. Multiple plates can be combined to generate a walk way of up to 6m. This technique is further suitable for the analysis of balance and balance tests.

Bertec Instrumentiertes Laufband

Instrumented Treadmills

Instrumented treadmills  are offered with either pressure distribution technology or 3D force plates. The latter one are available as dual-belt version and are suited for a combination with a 3D camera system for highly complex movement analyses including inverse dynamics.

Thin insoles within the shoe make it possible to measure the pressure distribution during gait, running and jumping activities. The telemetric data transmission allow a mobile and flexible application in the lab or in the field.

A wide range of additional biomechanical sensors like Goniometers, Accelerometers, Foot Switches as wenn as stationary or radio based A/D Board technology are combinable with the other measurement systems .

Noraxon Dualelektroden


Various consumables like single or dual electrodes and double-sided sticker for EMG and IMU sensors are available

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Our Manufacturers

The manufacturers of our products are qualified by their quality, performance and expertise. Due to a long-standing collaboration with the following manufacturer, Velamed offers the optimal selection and compiliation of appropriate components for laboratory solutions of all kind.

Since 1989, Noraxon Inc. USA develops high quality EMG and sensor systems for applications in science and the clinical market and combines these with a highly performing, flexibly applicable measurement and evaluation software.

Qualisys is a leading manufacturer of high-precision Motion Capture and 3D-Positions Tracking systems for engineering, biomechanics, animation, virtual reality, robotics and movement science registered in Sweden. The infrared-based camera systemes can be applied variously: indoor, outdoor, ashore or underwater.

The company Zebris is the world-wide market leader in pressure distribution systems. They focus on clinical applications like gait analysis and gait training.

Bertec Corporation is an american company registered in Columbus, Ohio. Being one international market leader in force measurement technology in biomechanics, Bertec is specialized in providing equipment with Load Cells for gait analysis, balance evaluation and training, ergonomics, sporting performance as well as industry applications.

Medilogic is a successful German medicine technology company focusing on biomechanics and image processing. The focus lies on measurements and evaluations of mechanical values of humans and animals. Their competences in the area of insole pressure distribution systems make Medilogic to the partner of choice in this area.