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Ultium EMG System

Das Ultium-ESP-Sensorsystem ist ein multimodales, drahtloses elektronisches Signalportal. Der voll ausgestattete ESP-Sensor sampelt bis zu 4.000 Mal/Sek  synchronisiert in Echtzeit und zeigt das niedrigste Grundlinien­rauschen mit den wenigsten nativen Artefakten im Vergleich zu ähnlichen Technologien.

Das neue patentierte „SmartLead“-System wandelt jedes ESP-Gerät in einen intelligenten Sensor. Er liefert dadurch praktisch jede Art von biometrischen und physiologischen Daten aus jeder Art von Hardware. Die interessantestens Aspekte menschlicher Bewegung können damit flexibel erfasst werden.

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Next generation EMG


Ultium-ESP wurde entwickelt, um das intelligenteste und genaueste EMG-System zu sein, das je gebaut wurde. Mit der weltweit besten EMG-Technologie ist das Ultium-ESP-Sensorsystem ein multimodales, drahtloses elektronisches Signalportal. Ausgefeilte technologische Fortschritte führten zu dem zum Patent angemeldeten „SmartLead“ -System, das das ESP-Gerät in einen intelligenten Sensor für praktisch jede Art von biometrischen und physiologischen Daten von jeder Art von Hardware verwandelt. Der voll ausgestattete ESP-Sensor tastet bis zu 4.000 Mal pro Sekunde ab, synchronisiert in Echtzeit und zeigt das niedrigste Basislinienrauschen mit den wenigsten nativen Artefakten ähnlicher Technologien. Ultium-ESP kombiniert das Beste in der Elektromyographie (EMG) mit der Flexibilität, die interessantesten Aspekte der menschlichen Bewegung genau zu erfassen.

Noraxon Ultium EMG System

Key Features

  • Highest Data Accuracy
  • Lowest Baseline Noise (static and dynamic)
  • Plug-and-Play Smart Sensor System (with SmartLeads)
  • Batteriestatus Monitor
  • Integrated Impedance Check
  • Unbegrenztens Aufnahme und Analysepotential
  • Smartlead Auto-Detection
  • Find My Sensor Visual Feedback



baseline noise

< 1μV

EMG Sampling Rate

up to 4000Hz


< -100dB

Internal Sampling Resolution

24 bits

Internal Storage

< 8h Data Logging



Analog Output

up to 32 channels available

Noraxon biomechanic-platform

Patented innovations for evidence-based excellency

The core of Noraxon’s biomechanics platform are patented and FDA-approved technologies allowing to capture data on world-class level. The results are reliable, reproducible and clean data enabling you to study human movements in the most precise way.
The myoMUSCLE ™ software module commands over a complex and sophisticated tool set making it possible to process every kind of electrokinesiological data being captured with the Ultium EMG sensor. Real-time data are automatically synchronized and allow detailed insights into performance improvements, injury recovery and research measurements within an all-in-one analysis. Various data export formats and HTTP streaming grant a compatibility with third-party research and animation programmes.
To permit an extensive insight into biomechanics, myoMUSCLE is fully integrated and synchronized into the myoRESEARCH® software platform, an in-depth eco system covering the full spectrum of biomechanics including EMG, kinetics (pressure and force), kinematics (movement and video) and other biological signals.

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Selected Application Examples

Symmetry and Coordination Tests

These different tests allow for a comparison between impaired and unaffected body sides. Display EMG and histogram statistics for unilateral, bilateral multi-directional and symmetrical movements. Evaluate neuromuscular coordination and compare innervation deficits between right and left side.

Average Activation Pattern

Researchers and Clinicians can evaluate repetitive motion sequences and tasks as averaged and time normalized EMG patterns. Analyze the typical innervation structures of movements.

EMG Standard Analysis

The DTS/Telemyo EMG system uses universal protocols for all types of EMG setups. Investigate basic amplitude parameters in selected analysis periods. Use the standard graphs and histograms developed for general analysis questions.

Feedback Training

Any signal measured by the DTS / Telemyo system can be used in real time for biofeedback purposes. Use, for example, the bar graph display of signals to precisely train dysfunctional muscle groups with opto-acoustic feedback and automatic computer-controlled commands.

Gait analysis

The protocol for this analysis has been developed for the unilateral and bilateral investigation of EMG gait patterns in functional gait and walking activities. See typical activity characteristics and coordination of muscle groups during walking / running and analyze left / right, pre / post test comparisons. Symmetry, timing and curve characteristics are summarized in a detailed report.

Frequency / Fatigue Analysis

The Fast Fourier-based spectral analysis of EMG signals allows for the analysis of local muscular fatigue phenomena in static, submaximal test activities. The decrease in the firing frequency caused by the fatigue is determined by the median, mean frequency, zero crossing and the signal amplitude increase. They thereby quantify the muscular fatigue or resistance in static contraction tasks.

Electronic Signal Portal

Ultium-ESP Sensor

Noraxon Ultium EMG Sensor

Output and Transmission Frequency

  • up to 100mW
  • 30 meter Transmission Range
  • Proprietary Protocol for Radio Frequency Leaps
  • 2402-2480 MHz
  • 16-bit analog Output with adjustable Gain


  • 24-bit ADC
  • 0,3μV Resolution for 0 until 5.000μV
  • 1,1μV Resolution fr 5.000 until 24.000μV
  • Selectable low-pass cutoff at 500/1.000/1.500 Hz
  • Selectable high-pass cutoff at 5/10/20 Hz


  • No notch (50/60 Hz) Filter
  • Baseline noise <1μV RMS
  • CMRR <-100dB
  • Input Impedance > 1,000 MΩ
  • Input range: +/- 24mV

Biomechanical Full Provider


The SmartLead system of the ESP sensors transform every device into an intelligent sensor performing the task of a multitude of biomechanical sensors. The SmartLeads are automatically recognized upon connecting and can be used directly. Chose among the list of available SmartLeads

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