Clinical Biomechanics

Overall concepts and solutions for rehabilitation and prevention in training and therapy


Acquisition of post-operative circumstances

Gait analysis, posture analysis and functional analysis

Objectification und measurability of therapeutic success

Isokinetic measurements

Biofeedback training

Return to Activity

Selected Reference Institutes

Biomechanical Labs for Science and Research

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Clinical Biomechanical Analysis

Clinical Posture Analysis, Gait Analysis and Running Analysis

As a standard in orthopedic and neurological diagnostics, posture and gait analysis has become particularly established in day-to-day clinical practice. By recording the natural movement of humans, a wide variety of objective parameters can be ascertained and made comparable. Standardization enables intrapersonal comparability (eg before and after surgery) as well as interpersonal comparability (eg the clientele of patients against a collective of healthy people).

Thus, a large number of parameters can be collected quickly and easily without great preparation – from pressure distribution and ground reaction forces to the progression of the body’s center of gravity to temporal and spatial parameters such as contact times and stride lengths, the data is presented visually and understandably.

Modular Noraxon concept – video analysis and pressure distribution up to wireless EMG and mobile 3D movement analysis

Additional biomechanical sensors can be added measuring breathing frequency and heart rate variability

Equipment-based therapy can be supported by a variety of biofeedback possibilities to enhance balance training, address visual stimulation or virtual rehabilitation

Return to Competition

Concept of statutory accident insurance within the system of paid sport (VBG)

One focus of our application possibilities is the area of return to competition. We cover all areas with our analyses: from Return to Activity to Return to Play up to Return to Competition. Our analyses are based on the concept of statutory accident insurance within the system of paid sport. Our products mirror the golden standard in analysing the ability to play after a rupture of the cruciate ligament.

Clinical Functional Testing

A basic functional testing is followed by its evaluation and diagnostics. A complete biomechanical analysis provides an objective bases for determining an exact aim for therapy and training with the help of divers application protocols. A continuous evaluation of the goal for therapy and training is supported by an overall documentation.

Clinical Data Analysis

Biomechanical Data Analysis in Therapy and Training

Inquiry and evaluation of certain data and their constant inspection are part of the daily life of coaches and therapists. Until recently suitable solutions were missing to transfer theory into praxis. Nowadays, biomechanical data on scientific level can be specifically used within sports performance and clinics. Detailed areas could be within a rehabilitation process, in training therapy and performance diagnostics as well as within performance optimization and controlling in training and therapy.