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ECN Ergonomiepreis und Noraxon Portable Lab

Ergonomics-Price 2017

of the Laureate Commission of the E-C-N e.V.

The Velamed GmbH was awarded with the Ergonomic Price of the E-C-N e.V. 2017 for its measuring concept “Multiparametric Mobile Workplace Analysis” in the category “Innovation”.

Arme mit EMG- und Inertialsensoren am Schreibtisch und Tastatur

Ergonomic Load Analysis

  • Workplace Analysis: Analysis of muscular stress at the workplace or during certain labor by means of wireless EMG sensors
  • Product Ergonomics: Ergonomic design, investigation and evaluation of products
  • Live-Biofeedback: Illustration of the real-time load
  • Product Certifications
Arbeitsplatzanalyse in der MR3 Software - Arbeiter beim Flexen

Workplace Analysis - Posture

  • Production Ergonomics: Detection of motion sequences of the whole body
  • Posture Analysis: Analysis of critical or unfavorable body positions – Uncover deficiencies
  • Range of Motion Analysis: Analysis of the scope of movement
  • Objectiveization of misloads
  • Division of labor practices in risk areas
  • Real-Time Data Acquisiton: Wireless recording of 3D joint angles and linear accelerations during an activity by inertial sensor technology
  • Freedom of Movement: Freedom in movement through wireless sensor technology

Pressure and Force Analysis

  • Analysis of Forces, which a worker must apply for a particular activity (e.g., actuation of devices and controls)
  • Specific Statements about the emerging load of stress in combination with EMG and/or motion analysis
  • Foot Pressure Distribution Analysis
  • Seated Pressure Analysis

Selected Reference Institutes

Production Ergonomics

Ergonomic Examination of Workplaces

We offer comprehensive solutions for holistic, quantitative and qualitative workplace analyzes. With the help of small EMG and inertial sensors, whole-body movements can be analyzed and stresses of the musculoskeletal system can be detected. In addition to the use of labor-science studies, our biomechanical measuring systems are also used directly in the industrial environment. Thanks to state-of-the-art wireless technology, the worker is completely free to move during the measurement and can follow his or her usual work.

Full freedom of movement through wireless technologies

Measurements directly at the workplace

Real-time stress feedback for employees

Load Analysis

Muscular Stress

Electromyographic measurements can quantify psycho-physiological stresses and help to identify increased muscle tension  (e.g., shoulder, trapezius muscle) caused by forced posture or stress. The results of EMG diagnostics help to take appropriate measures. Targeted biofeedback helps to relax tense muscles and return to a natural posture. The EMG measurement is a useful tool to assess workflows regarding their physical stress and to validate derived workplace transformations (e.g., the use of lifting aids). Thanks to the mobile individual components, the measurements can be taken directly on the spot at the existing workplace.

Identify physical stress

Identify inappropriate physical strain

Product Ergonomics

Ergonomic Examination of Products

The interaction between human and product plays an increasingly important role. The main focus is often on an ergonomic design. Electromyographic analysis enable products to be tested and evaluated for their ergonomics and their impact on humans. The goal in product development is the design of user-friendly consumer goods, taking into account anthropometric and system-economic aspects. EMG analysis can help to minimize stresses of the article on the musculoskeletal system.

Identify problems

Develop targeted measures

Validate solution approaches

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