Biomechanical Lab Installation

Complete Laboratory, Measurement Projects or Modulare Concepts

Starting from the very first idea up and until the first measurement is Velamed your expert for biomechanical measuring technologies. Velamed plans and installs for you your own lab according to your wishes and possibilities. And we are not satisfied with only quantitative parameters like faster, higher, longer but rather integrate qualitative ones like movement coordination, symmetrie and efficiency.

We help you move forward in the matter of diagnostics and position you to execute complexe measurements quick and easy.

Biomechanical Measurement Systems

Kinematics, Kinetics, EMG

We support you with expertise and high-end technology with the planning and implementation of your individual biomechanics lab. From single systems to complete-equipped high-end labs. With Velamed you get everything from one source. A central software, which integrates and synchronizes all systems, operates your whole lab.

Thus we offer a modular, integrative and at any time extensible building-block principle. From a single measuring unit to a multi-device-solution.

Upon request we also take care of software amendments and the integration of third-party systems.

No matter if it is planning your lab or later in your daily measuring routines, Velamed supports you in all phases with experience expert knowhledge.

Miqus Kamera von Qualisys in der Front/Seitansicht
Bertec Kraftmessplatte
Noraxon Ultium EMG System

Biomechanics Lab

Installation and Education

With each biomechanic system and every combination of systems you receive a professional installation on-site. Additionally, you will be introduced into the correct and secure usage of the measurement systems. For specialized and more profound knowledge Velamed offers seminars for all systems and applications.

Biomechanical Seminars


Velamed offers professional knowledge transfer and training in all areas and for all systems.

Part of your Velamed all-in-one-solution is also the professional transfer of know-how and targeted training for the use of the systems in all application areas.

We assist you with our broad range of knowledge about EMG, inertial sensors, gait and video analysis.

You receive a first briefing with the installation of the systems, so that you can get started immediately.
Additional seminars and workshops, as well as individual training sessions can be booked as needed and can be used as further training. We delightfully keep you posted of current seminar dates.

Moreover, we offer the possibility to get your institution certified as Velamed biomechanics centre. Your benefits? Exclusivity, qualification, expert knowledge through continuous education and the membership within the Velamed competence network.

Laptop with Noraxon MR3 Software
Noraxons Ultium EMG

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Noraxon Portable Lab

Portable Biomechanics Lab

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